5 Reasons Why Monitoring Your Child’s Cell Phone Is So Important

spybubble-logsYou could not keep yourself from buying your child an impressive cell phone packed with piles of features just because he was persistant that he wanted it? Now you are wondering whether to supervise it or not? Well monitoring your child’s phone is absolutely a personal choice to make.

Without doubt your child will disagree with this idea because it will allow you to discover all those things that he’s been hiding from you! Well, parenthood doesn’t mean that you are going to adhere to everything your child insists on. Occasionally, it can also mean that you need to maintain your child’s discipline, for their own well being.

Buying a phone for your child will also require you to monitor your child’s mobile phone movements and here you have the 5 main reasons for that.

1. Prevent Your Child From Communicating With Strangers

Do you recall the way strangers fascinated you when you were a small child? Sometimes they appeared like visitors from another planet, and others were like the heroes from some fairy-tale. And do you recollect how you yearned to speak with them or at least know about them. This is the same with your son. He too gets attracted by strangers but this time the problem is doubled because now your kid has a phone with a private contact number, he may give out to anyone.

The Web is just another dreadful place where youngsters are easily shaped by strangers. Young kids should certainly be discouraged from making contact with strangers.

2. Be sure Your Child Is Not Becoming Too Friendly On The World Wide Web

A cell phone can sometimes be too clever with it’s extra-smart features like you get to share photos on social networking sites right after you have clicked them. You can never know when your child begins to share his photos online, especially the pics that will embarrass him should they be publicly shown to everyone on the Internet.

Once again, your son could become too personal especially on Facebook and other social networking sites and share things that you will never want him to share for instance, the family home address, email address, phone number, and so on. The World Wide Web is not a secure environment and any small piece of personal information can be used for malicious purposes. There may be a bully following your son or a beast readying his claws to prey upon your child and perhaps waiting for the private data that your child posts over the Web!

3. Reduce The Amount Of Needless Downloading

A mobile phone with extremely powerful features and gaming facilities will very quickly turn your son into a downloading mutant as he commences to download every new game on the Web. You will have to reduce that if you don’t want your child to build up a large smartphone monthly bill!

Excessive downloading can be problematic for other reasons too. Excessive downloading can often bring nasty viruses which are capable of destroying the complete operating system of your child’s mobile phone. Games can sometimes be improper for a player under the age of 18. Thus supervision of downloads is really a must.

4. Block Your Son From Joining In Improper Messaging

It’s become a trend with teens to share disgusting stuff through SMS. So, it can be “Really Disgusting” jokes with these sexually suggestive pictures. So watch out, it is illegal! If your child joins in, or even only forwards such messages from anybody else, all can end up in court.

5. Using A Cell Phone From Behind The Steering Wheel

The figures for road accidents are on the rise and so are the numbers of accidental deaths. In case you are wondering what this has to do with your child’s phone usage? Well, it appears that a high percentage of accidents caused because of using a cell phone while driving are involving teenagers.

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