SpyBubble Free Trial – Installation and Configuration

spybubble-logsSo now you have purchased the SpyBubble cell phone spy app for tracking a mobile phone, and the first thing you need to do is to install the software onto your desired target phone. The SpyBubble software can be installed in literally a couple of minutes, always assuming you are familiar with the functions of the target phone, and you know your way around the interface. There are videos available to assist you in the setup, but really, it is a simple process. Once you have installed the software into the target phone, configuration takes place online within your SpyBubble account (login details supplied after payment) and again you can have this configured in just a few minutes.

Easy Access SpyBubble Logs

Once the cell phone spy app has been installed and you have configured your online SpyBubble account, the process of tracking a mobile phone will already have started, and you can access all the information logged in relation to this target phone. You do not need to be logged into your account for information to be stored, only to access the data. The information has wide parameters and once it has been stored it cannot be deleted unless you choose. For instance, even if the target phone owner decides to delete messages or images that he/she has downloaded, they will still remain in your online account, which you can access from any computer, anywhere in the world. It’s actually quite amazing to see all the vital information that is stored relating to just one simple cell phone.


Types of Information Stored By SpyBubble

Phone Call Tracking: This feature enables you to find out who your spouse, kids or employees are talking to. You can trace how many calls are made to the phone and the time and date each was made. You can also see the duration of each call. And also, it is possible to find out the name of the person the phone is registered to.

Text Message Tracking: You are able to monitor all the text messages that were sent or received. Once the messages are stored in your account, they will not be deleted if they are erased on the phone!

Access Saved Phone Numbers: This feature offers you the ability to see all the phone numbers that have been stored in the memory part of the phone.

GPS Tracking System: This is a great feature an allows you to track the phone using Google maps. This way, you’ll know if your son really is at the pool like he said. You are also able to track employees to see if they are stuck in traffic or running private errands during work time.


Photo Tracking: You’ll be able to see all the photos that have been sent and received on the target phone. This feature still works even if the images have been erased

Monitor Other Information: Using the SpyBubble cell phone spy app software, you can easily see what websites your kids or your spouse have been browsing.

Listen in on phone calls: This feature is for Spybubble Pro users only, the software allows you to actually listen in on phone calls in real time. You don’t have to think about what your spouse is saying to his “friend” because you now have the ability to listen in on the conversation.

What about the Ethical and Legal Issues

There are those individuals who would question the ethics of spying on another individual , and it is true that you might find out information that you didn’t want to know, so getting to the truth can lead to difficult and destructive consequences. Yet others just have to know the truth however much it hurts. Of course the truth might not be so bad and there may have been nothing for you to worry about in the first place.  To get to the truth though you will need the SpyBubble cell phone spy app for tracking a mobile phone.

Under today’s laws, it is completely legal to install the SpyBubble software on a phone as long as in doing so, there is no crime committed. Of course if the software was used for industrial espionage then that would be highly illegal, but for keeping a check on your children or those you trust, is a different issue. As long as you use the information as it is intended for use, you should just consider this a legitimate way for you to find out the details that matter to you the most.

So Where Can I Get My SpyBubble Free Trial

You get 60 Days to try out the SpyBubble cell phone spy app for tracking a mobile phone. If up to that period of time you are not completely satisfied with the software and what it will do for you, you can request a 100% refund of your payment. Click the link below for more details about this product.

 Visit The Official SpyBubble Website